A Freelancer and His Skills to Get Prospective Clients

A freelancer is a person who is self-employed and provides a service that comes with some form of financial compensation. Freelancers have a range of skills: writing, knitting, web design, transcription, bookkeeping, secretarial, and so on. All of these skills can earn a profit, but the greater the experience, the better the pay. Should a freelancer desire to make money, he or she must attract prospective clients, people to whom the freelancer offers his or her services. If they fail to attract clients, freelancers cannot stay in business for themselves or enjoy the comfort and convenience of online work.


One way a freelancer can use his skills to get prospective clients is to create a web log (blog) and attract visitor traffic. New freelancers are to freelancing what new members are to a club: unknown, without a friend in the place. When you first start a blog, you are unknown and very few people will read your stuff. However, as times passes, readers will begin to link your work to their blogs, which will drive more traffic to yours. Making online acquaintances will publicize your blog in a way that it may be exhausting to attempt on your own.

The next way a freelancer can use his skills to get prospective clients is to guest post. Guest posting occurs when an individual seeks to present a new blog post on a site that belongs to someone else. Often, top bloggers will leave space and time on their blog for guest posters to come and showcase their services and knowledge.

This is usually beneficial for both the blog owner and the guest poster: the blog owner, in exchange for allowing guest posting, receives publicity and a great reputation that will drive other guest posters to his blog. Guest posting is also beneficial for the guest poster: he or she can submit a well-written post that may intrigue the blog owner’s readership, who will then visit a blog, read an article, email it, or tell others about it via word-of-mouth.

Social media sites have become an effective way of promoting a blog post, blog, or Internet link that it is sure to remain one of the best ways for a freelancer to get his or her work across the wide open spaces of the World Wide Web. Writing a guest post that ends up as a tweet on Twitter or a link on Facebook could double or even triple the freelancer’s publicity from just one article. If one article can produce a mass readership, imagine what 15 or 20 articles could do!

Lastly, a freelancer can use his skills to get prospective clients by leaving comments on blogs or join an established blogging group. When a freelancer comments on a blog, he or she must log in to the blog URL as a member of the site. The membership log-in allows the blog owner and visiting readers to click on your name, which then leads to your profile at the site (if, for example, the freelancer joins Blogger).

Readers can view the freelancer profile, get a glance at the blogs he or she owns and/or reads, and become fairly acquainted with the individual. If the freelancer does not desire to own a blog, perhaps he or she could join an established blogging group. Group bloggers get to write on certain subjects occasionally. The advantages of joining a blogging group range from avoiding the responsibilities that come with blog ownership, to even choosing what topics he or she writes on weekly.

A freelancer needs his skill to sell so that he can survive, attracting a well-paying clientele and maintaining their financial support is the only way to make it happen. The advantages of freelancing far outweigh its risks: it is better to get out there and earn money, than to do nothing and earn nothing.

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