10 Free Web Apps Useful For Students

10 Insanely Useful Web Apps for students. All of these are free, with awesome features and functions.

1. Google Docs

Google Docs is one of the most popular alternatives to Microsoft’s suite of desktop apps, Office. Google’s free package offers limited tools for online, and collaborative, word processing, presentations, spreadsheets, forms and drawings.

Free Web Apps for Students-googledocs

2. Flashcard Exchange

Creating your own study aids couldn’t get any easier than this. Using Flashcard Exchange, students can make their very own flashcards directly from the web, without downloading or installing a thing. Featuring an enormous flashcard directory of categories to choose from, flashcards on nearly any subject can be can be created and printed with no hassle, for free.

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3. SlideRocket

SlideRocket offers online presentation production. You can import existing PowerPoint presentations to move them to the cloud, or just create brand new ones from scratch on the service.

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4. ThinkFold

It’s no longer necessary to try and organize a time and meeting place to get together and work on a group project. With ThinkFold, students can participate in a group effort online from any place at any time. Group members can upload images and text, make changes, assign tasks, and more. Changes appear instantly to all group members, eliminating both unnecessary confusion and the need for group notifications each time a change is made.

Free Web Apps for Students-thinkfold

5. Instapaper

Instapaper is a bookmarklet and web companion that allows you to save webpages for viewing later. You can then come back to reading these later on from the Instapaper website/app, Kindle or iOS device.

Free Web Apps for Students-instapaper

6. Smartsheet

Smartsheet is an online alternative to any kind of calendar app that is used for managing projects. In Smartsheet, you can create projects with subtasks in. Each of these subtasks can be set a status like “In Progress” and be assigned to members of your team or group.

Free Web Apps for Students-smartsheet

7. Evernote

This unique web app puts a modern spin on the art of old-fashioned note-taking. It’s available for free download on nearly all types of mobile devices, and with it students can record and organize lecture notes, share notes with classmates, bookmark favorite webpages, take snapshots, scan photos or text, and store all kinds of information they may need for future reference.

Free Web Apps for Students-evernote

8. VocabSushi

With this cool web app, students can broaden their vocabulary skills one new and challenging word at a time. Instead of learning the meanings of words through grueling memorization, this site encourages language development by using the surrounding context of a sentence to determine the meaning of a word. A mobile version of this app is available for download on iPhone and iTouch devices for quick and easy learning on the run.

Free Web Apps for Students-vocabsushi

9. MobileMe

MobileMe is Apple’s set of web apps built especially for syncing iOS devices. Included in the package is a powerful email web app, calendar app and gallery.The Mail app is especially important as it offers an experience similar to that of Mail.app on Mac OS X and Outlook on Windows. And it can sync with both those on your desktop and your mobile devices.

Free Web Apps for Students-mobileme

10. MyStickies

These little, virtual post-it notes take online bookmarking to a whole new level. Simply place a yellow sticky note on any webpage you may want to go back to, and mark it with a little note reminding yourself what was so special about it. This app will save a quick link to the noted webpage along with your reminder note. MyStickies also features a blank online notepad for students to write their own to-do lists, take notes, or to record any other information they don’t want to forget.

Free Web Apps for Students-mystickies

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