15 Facebook Apps for Designers

Another amazing list of 15 Facebook Apps for Designers, Facebook the social media giant can be useful to designers too. Subscribe to Feed if you would like to be informed for the latest posts.


This is a smaller, Facebook friendly version of the popular online photo editor.

2. Fotoshop

Fotoshop is an online Photoshop or GIMP like application. By using this software, you can edit and design your photos for free without installing.

15 Best Facebook Apps for Designers-fotoshop


Graffiti is a fun application that lets you create graffiti that you can send to your friends. Or you can post your created Graffiti on your wall.


Design Directory

Get the latest news on just about everything in the design industry right on your Facebook page.

Add the Dexigner app to your Facebook, get latest updates, news, events, and competitions.


Group Photo Album

With this app you and your friends can create group albums with all of your own photos.



DivShare is a web host application where you can upload different kinds of files and Divshare will host them forever for you for free!


Networked Blogs

Networked Blogs is a large news community and community of bloggers that lets you promote your blog on Facebook. You can find a directory of blogs that are categorized by different topics and locations.


The Ultimate Vision Board

Everyone needs some inspiration from time to time to remind them of what they are after in life.



Animate your photos or your friends photos. Send your creations to friends using the built-in messaging feature. It’s never been easier to add stuff to your pictures! For starters, add speech and thought bubbles.


Pekay’s Little Author

Create your original storybook with Pekay’s Little Author application. You can share your story or message among your friends on Facebook using this application. It’s drag and drop!



SlideShare is an application that lets you share your presentations on your Facebook network.


JPG Themes

If you are a regular reader and participant of the JPG magazine, you might be interested in this app that lets you vote and show off your choices.


My Merch Store

Zazzle lets you create and post products for sale to your profile, share products that you like, discover great artists and buy truly unique products.


Visual Bookshelf

Visual Bookshelf is an application that is created by LivingSocial.


My Label

Send the latest, hottest, sexiest clothing to your friends! If that’s not enough for you, then create your own fashion and upload it, then either wear it, add it to your wardrobe, or send it as a gift. With many different styles to choose from, let the world know how stylish (or anti-stylish) you are!


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