Effective Blogging: Tips to Adopt and Mistakes to Avoid

Internet has allowed freedom of opinion and expression. Blogging has taken the forefront in this freedom. Blogs usually dwell upon a particular niche. It can be about highlighting social problems, marketing a product or running a political campaign. A blog is often accompanied with links and photos. Usually they are just simple and powerful texts.

Tips for Effective Blogs

  1. The blog should enable close relationship with readers. It should have tools that enable interaction with users. The writer of the blog should be ready to answer and appreciate comments. Befriending is the fundamental technique to attract loyal and repeated visits to the blog.
  2. One must himself be very good at the niche. This requires one to be a guru in it. One should never present incomplete, false or non-credible information. This negatively affects the blog setup for a long time. Dedication and commitment is necessary for one to be officious.
  3. The blogger should never pretend to be a know-it-all. Befriending the users should lead to tolerance and acceptance of any superior opinion. This will help the blogger in deepening his knowledge of the niche he blogs about. Continuous learning is essential.
  4. To get the best result one should not just take from his blog. The blog should also be able to give to the readers. This can be achieved by making blog more social. Commenting, polls and emoticons can do this effectively.

Mistakes to Avoid

  1. Blogs should be concise. They should leave a reader with a clear reasoned opinion. A blog should not be ambiguous.
  2. Blogs should never be filled with a lot of text. If required aid of tables or images should be taken to attract reading. Long blogs shun reading.
  3. Each blog post should be by an author. The author should have a dedicated profile which the users can access. The author should be approachable.
  4. The presentation of the blog site should be attractive to the reader. Do not allow improper or disarrayed information to clog easy search.
  5. Avoid dependence on too many hyperlinks. It requires a reader to move to and fro between links. This can be tedious.
  6. The blog should not contain duplication. It makes the reader lose interest rapidly. Sort out the posts topic intelligently.
  7. Any registration requirements immediately result in lost interest. If it is essential, the amount of information required should be kept minimal and intelligent.
  8. Avoid including lots of advertisement on the blog page. It is annoying for the user and disrupts his or her attention. Keep the number of advertisements minimum.

Only effective blog sites/pages are able to do the job expected from them. This job can be promotion of a product, making money or promoting change. Adhering to the tips and avoiding mistakes mentioned above can make one’s blog highly effective. One intending to blog over the internet should realize that it is not an easy job. It requires proper thinking and an intelligent approach because thousands are clamoring for only the right content.

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