CSS3 – Limelight on New Trends

CSS3 (Cascading style sheet ) is an advanced version of style sheet programming language for website presentation. The term cascade refers to the specific style of font to be loaded in a page. CSS is written mainly to facilitate the web pages with the presentation which includes separating of the text from one another creating a better and clear view which pay way for categorization of data in a single page with fast access of information.

Presentation of web page included the usage of different optional features of coding so as to show variation in data with layout, color, font, table, .. showing new effects on page to attract users attention.

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New features over the existing:

CSS3 has new improvements over the existing levels of CSS1 and CSS2 bringing different outlook over the web page using the CSS3. Some of the catchy features to be noted which depict well about the CSS3 are…

Box and Text Shadow

Programmers can create a shadow effect over the Box and Texts with the help of Box-shadow and Text-shadow with out using a flash tool.

Custom web fonts

Using the font rule that is @font-face we can make use of any font style out of the options we have while creating a web page.


Layers are of very effective on their expression of transparency which allows more layered effect of background pictures making the sheet look showy on their appearance with more stuff of expression.

Rounded corner

Corner are made into smooth curved effect instead of the sharp box like effect showing a blunt neat finishing with the help of border-radius rule which can be applied to all four corners of the sheet.


Animation is made easy in the CSS were web kit-transform is used to spin circle graphics. Which has a best effect when viewed with the Mac Chrome or Safari.

Gradient button

Gradient is cross browser supported Which is much flexible and scalable, a gradient button has more advancements showing variation in text shadow, box shadow, border with rounded corner which can show a shade over the button with the help of gradient color adjustment. A white transparent image is used to give a gradient effect as all the browsers don’t support CSS3 features. Gradient can be shown as light and intensive effects giving pleasant appearance.

Drop down menu

A drop down menu is well suited to the environment once it works with Chrome, Firefox, safari, .. showing a good look on the corners, box effect and text shadow.

Round image

Round image is achieved effective with border radius and box shadow. Round borders and shades on the image gives a pleasant appeal over the image presented in a neat and eye catching look.

Web Browsers to support

A good effect on the usage of the CSS3 is sensed fully with the help of web browsers such as Firefox 3.6+, Chrome, Web-kit,Safari,.. Were the other web browsers does not support the features and improvements of the CSS3…

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