CSS Slider – Pure CSS Slider, no js

CSS Slider is a pure CSS only slider, without any using javascript. It is created by Damian Drygiel(he’s got a real awesome site, do check it out!).


Browser Support

  • Chrome (tested only on 30)
  • Firefox (tested only on 24)
  • IE
    • 9 No transitions
    • 10+ Works perfect
  • Opera (tested only on 12)


Add the following line in the head of the document:

Now add the code below where you want to show the slider:

  • Content of slide 1
  • Content of slide 2
  • Content of slide 3
  • Content of slide 4
  • Content of slide N
Github: https://github.com/drygiel/csslider
Codepen: http://codepen.io/drygiel/pen/rtpnE

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