Consider these Web Design Trends in Your Next Project

Web design is not going to be a simple task in future it plays 50% of a website profits. It is the total reflection of how you value customers and your business. A good web design should satisfy the user’s experience, business needs and also it should appeal to the users.

If you are a designer and want to withstand in this competitive field then make sure you are not lagging in these trends in your future projects.

1. Responsive Design

Users access website from different devices such as iOS devices, PC, mobiles, tablet pc etc., each devices are of different resolution so a site that works well in PC won’t look good in other devices.

Designing website based on all these devices is called Responsive design. The website which is made up of responsive interface will woks perfectly on all devices so users won’t get irritated the next time when they visit your website.

2. HTML5 & CSS3

This is the future standards of web design, sticking to those standards will make you strong in javascripts and jQuery. You can design many things easier by using these standards without the need of flash and jQuery which takes much time to load on browser.

3. Minimalistic Design

This will suits for reader based sites such as blogs because users of these sites visit the blog for reading articles, they should relax in reading your blog without any distracting popup ads, attractive colors, .gif animated sidebar ads etc. Don’t overload them with numerous colors, they should feel what you try to say in your blog, and their eyes should relax while browsing your pages.

A short tip to create minimalistic design is to avoid using dark colors and choose colors that will appeal your readers.

4. Content First Approach

Today there is a lot of debate going around about pagination vs. scrolling. People love to see the content first on a web page than seeing Ads and other commercial things. If they tend to scroll down multiple times to see what they want, then they will leave your website and start to search in other websites. A simple rule for this approach is don’t make your readers to scroll to the end to see what they want, provide the information as easy as possible.

5. Rich Typography

If you ask me what is the most important elements of a web design? My answer will be the font you use in your blog. A font can make any design looks good and it also makes a site worse no matter who designed it.

Always be cautious in choosing fonts, if you Google it you will get thousands of free and good fonts available on web, you can make use of it, or do you need something different then go for any premium fonts.

6. Social Media Friendly

The second thing a user likes to do in your blog is sharing the content or their views about the site with their friend’s circles. If they don’t see an social icon for sharing the content they will simply leave the place without sharing, rather if you keep an option to make your reader to share their views they will be pleased to do so, and you will also get very targeted and converting traffic.

Don’t spam by keeping all social media icons in a row, be wise in choosing right social sites for your niche. For video sharing sites, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter is enough and for an image or photography website there is no need for YouTube so you can use Pinterst instead along with Facebook and Twitter.

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