A chance to get Free CSS Tools, 1000 flat icons and more

Ever got tired of slow-loading web pages? Then you know exactly how your customers might feel when your site takes ages to load.

Did you know one of the primary causes of poor performance is the memory load caused by slow loading graphics or images. Rendering of heavy graphics or large sized images can literally try your visitor’s patience and even drive them away.

A website designed using flat design tends to load much faster than a conventional website with memory intensive graphics and images. This is one of the many benefits of using flat design.
It also helps in making your website look clean, simple, modern and easy to navigate.

Move towards a cleaner, brighter, and faster users experience with Flatilicious, a set of 1000 flat icons created with utmost care to give your website a clean and smart look. With 48 different categories to choose from, you can get any icon you wish to have. Agriculture, Medicine, Connectivity, Business… you name it and you can get it with Flatilicious.


These are mere samples. You get a whopping 1000 such beautiful icons with this set. The market price of any such icon set would be no less than $60 but especially for you, this icon set is offered at an incredibly discounted price of $19. But wait there’s something more.
You can get this $60 value 1000-icon set absolutely FREE!

Yes, it’s true. With DealClub you get this icon set and deals worth $1000+ free such as:

5 Amazing CSS Tools: Mega Menu, SideBar Menu, Dynamic Tabs & more

4 CSS Utilities on the go: Web Buttons, Roll Over Image Effects, Mega Buttons & more

15 HTML CSS Templates

What’s DealClub?
It’s a privilege club from DealFuel that offers exciting deals on WordPress products, HTML templates, CSS resources, Web design resources and tools and much more. With DealClub- you are entitled to be treated specially.

It offers various benefits like –

1. 25-75% discount on regular DealFuel deals
2. 100% off on exclusive deals
3. Special offers from time to time

We have saved the best for the last. Especially for you, we bring DealClub subscription at a flat 30% off.

Get DealClub Quarterly membership worth $14.99 for just $10.50.

Don’t forget to grab the Free DealClub Exclusives as soon as you sign up!


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