9 Ways to Stay Motivated with your Website

One of the biggest complications that happen with webmasters is that many of them want to give up or they lose their motivation. Hey, this can happen in just about any field. If you feel like giving up on you website, here are 9 ways to keep motivated.

Create New Content

No matter how many websites there are focusing on the same niche as yours, it is important to still continue creating new content. Don’t just push out the same old routing, but become creative. People love coming to websites that add a personal touch.

Take Care of Your Followers

In order for your readers to stick around despite competition, make sure to interact with them more. Answer back their comments and engage in conversations. Don’t forget to offer some giveaways and let them post. Connecting with your visitors is a great way to let yourself know that people are actually reading your blog. The more readers you have, the more you can potentially make.

Add New Tabs

If your website is starting to get boring, you might need to add some new tabs to make it as exciting as ever. Aside from the boring article writing, you may want to consider spicing things up by adding videos, fun infographics or even holding a chat session. Remember, a blog doesn’t always shave to be about writing articles.

Recreate a Design

Another great thing to do to keep your motivation for the website alive is to recreate your website’s design. Sometimes, if you’ve been looking at the same design for years, it will really start to look boring. If you’re able to design a website, consider drawing up something unique.

Encourage Guest Bloggers to Join

To add a different flavor to your website, make sure to invite and encourage people to write for you. They will surely love the idea because they can get a byline for their work and it helps add quality content to your website. If you don’t know where to find guest posters, consider joining services like MyBlogGuest and BloggerLinkUp.

Treat Your Guests with Freebies and Coupons

Another huge come on to get motivated on your website is by seeing people actually there reading what you’re offering. So why not add some exciting marketing strategies that will encourage your readers to comment or enter a raffle. Be creative with this. People are more than willing to do a lot of things if the prize is right.

Games and Contests

It is sometimes a good idea to incorporate games and contests to your website. This way you can have more people read your content because your questions should be focused on that kind of information. Make sure that your prizes are worth keeping though because that’s the only way for this option to


Heading out and finding an advertiser is a great way to stay motivated. After all, who doesn’t like money? If you have a lot of readers or you just want to make a few bucks, you will be surprised at how fast a few dollars can motivate you to work on your website.

Change Your Niche

If there’s nothing left in your mind to write about because you chose a niche that’s quite unfamiliar, then maybe it would be best to stick to your guns and write about things you know by heart. This way, no matter what happens you wouldn’t get unmotivated with your website at all. If you do want to start over, consider selling your website and going with a niche that may interest you. Remember, never chase the money.

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