8 Best Free WordPress Social Bookmarking Plugins

Now, in the world of blogging, WordPress also has a reliable reputation and you would need WordPress plugins that support, social media sharing. There are several such plugins that would offer you social media connectivity and your visitors or readers become able to share the post or article on the social forums. You need to choose the most cost effective social media plugin that is also very user-friendly. Following are few social media plugins that may come handy and you need not pay anything for using them!

1. DandyID plugin: This social media plugin offers support for almost 330 social networks and is amazing at the work efficiency and user friendliness. This plugin is included among few top plugins that offer maximum social media support and options to the users. If you require a lot of social networking options for your business website or blog, then, DandyID is one of the most suitable plugins available for free. You need to create an account (for free) with DandyID and then you may configure the plugin sidebar as your require or prefer. The sidebar
offers various widget options.

2. Social Media Page Plugin: Instead of including the social media links in your blog or website, how about having a link to your facebook page or any other social media profile? This plugin extends support to almost 140 social media platforms, so you can avail a diverse choice. You can also link your social profile page with your blog or website, through simple coding. This plugin is most suitable for those, who want to avoid the extra clutter of icons and keep their web-page simple.

3. Social Profilr Plugin: You cannot categorize this plugin as a comprehensive and inclusive one because it allows only 14 social networking options. However, there is an extra feature in this plugin: You can add a brief description about your social page link. This feature is not available in most other plugins and this can serve as a short About the author or About the Website intro.

4. Friend Feed Activity Plugin: This is among the most popular widgets being used these days. Also, this plugin is very convenient to be used. This plugin does not consume a lot of space.

5. LifeStream: This plugin offers more options and customization than any other social media plugin.

6. Lifestream.fm Plugin: This plugin also offers wide range of social media options to be displayed on your blog.

7. Retaggr Plugin: It enables you to choose from 180+ social plugin options, however, the visitors should have an account with Retagrr in order to comment and share.

8. Social Profiles Plugin: This one is wonderful for the blogs that have registered users or have various authors. This plugin functions more like an incentive for others to get registered and connected to your blog. Social media platforms are numerous and therefore, the plugin requirements are also diversified. You need to choose the best plugin that suits your needs most appropriately.

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