Best 7 HTML5 Frameworks for Mobile Apps


Titanium is sometimes confused for an HTML5 framework. It is a java script-based interface with native code modules that are included in the framework. It translates web skills into native apps that act as if they were written in Objective-C (iPad and iPhone) or Java (Android). Titanium contains a thriving developer community and over three-hundred APIs. This is the help you need when building apps that are more convenient, interactive, extensible and social.


This application is a HTML5 JavaScript framework for creating (writing) cross-platform mobile applications.

  • Hosted in a git repository:
  • Checkout the new version of The-M-Project and replace it with the version that is included in Espresso
  • Contains all Core and UI files in building jQuery Mobile-based mobile applications
  • If you are feeling lucky, feel free to check out the development branch: detox

Sencha Touch

Sencha Touch is one of the first HTML5 mobile web application frameworks. Sencha Touch lets you develop mobile web applications that look and feels native on Android and iPhone devices. If you are creating an application filled with visual interactions, Sencha Touch is the best choice. It contains a powerful,experienced support team and is thoroughly documented.

jQuery Mobile

jQuery Mobile is Touch-Optimized Web Framework for Tablets and Smartphones. It has an unified user interface system and is widely popular with mobile platforms. It is built on jQuery and jQuery UI foundation. It’s open, lightweight code was created with advanced enhancement. It also contains a tameable design.

JQuery mobile framework allows you to write less while achieving more. Instead of having to write various applications for OS or mobile devices, the jQuery mobile framework lets you create a single, high-branded and fully, customized website application. The app works on all common tablet and smartphone platforms.


The jQuery plugin for mobile web development on the iPod Touch, iPhone and other devices proves useful and tremendously innovative. This framework proves heavy on the CSS and light on the JavaScript.


NimbleKit is one of the faster ways to develop applications for iOS. You do not need to be familiar with iOS SDK or the Objective-C. The only thing you need to know is how to write an HTML page with JavaScript code. NimbleKit easily installs in Xcode without any complicated configurations. It also provides a new “NimbleKit Project Template”. Simply select the template, choose if you want to build for iPad, iPhone, iPod or some other common software. Add your JavaScript, Images and HTML to the project. Click “Build and Run” and your app immediately launches in the iPad/iPhone simulator.


Wink is a mobile JavaScript framework that develops mobile web application on iPad, iPhone, BlackBerry and Android.

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