5 Tips for Designing an Effective Landing Page

Landing pages are vital to website monetization. By definition, a landing page is nothing more than the page a visitor lands on after they click a link. This could be the homepage or any page within the website. In business, landing pages are used to convert visitors. The best landing pages contain specific elements that improve the likelihood of a transaction. Here are the top 5 tips for designing an effective landing page:

1. Make things simple.

An effective landing page presents a visitor with a sale in just a few seconds. Make your landing pages simple. The more words, icons and pictures you have, the more likely your visitor will get confused and leave. Use bullet and number lists. Avoid large paragraphs of text; they’re too much for the eyes. And the eyes are directly connected to the wallet. Focus on the benefits of your service. Most people arrive at a website because they wanted to.

2. Give directions

When a visitor clicks on a link, they travel from one page to another, or sometimes from one website to another. This can be confusing for the traveler. Give visitors directions and let them know where they are. Put simple, informative headings at the top of your landing pages. A short sentence that tells them they’ve landed in the right place is all that is needed to convert them.

3. Don’t be intrusive

Excessive effects will stifle a visitor’s computer and their interest in your product. Limit the amount of pop-ups that appear when a landing page opens. Pop-ups (and pop-unders) seem like a good way to finalize a sale, but they are generally seen as annoying by the average online user.

4. Have many links

Some visitors click on the first link they see. Others wait until they’ve viewed the entire page before making a selection. Cater to your different visitors by having many links throughout the page. It will improve your chances of a conversion.

5. Get the basic information

It is estimated that 25% of respondents leave a website once they’ve reached the registration form at the end. To combat this, acquire only the most necessary data. Sometimes an email is all that is required to turn a visitor into a client. Other times you will need their full name, date of birth, address and income level. Let the visitor determine what information is essential to the sale.

An effective landing page always receives higher conversion rates than a simple “dumping” page. Make sure your customers land smoothly and safely. If they do, they will travel with you anywhere.

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