5 Best SEO Friendly WordPress Themes

WordPress is the most favored platform for blogging nowadays. With myriad number of themes and plugins available for just about anything, WordPress is the first choice for creating blogs and websites. In this article let’s have a look at some of the best SEO optimized WordPress themes which not only look fabulous but will help you in churning more money out of your blog.

1. Thesis Theme

‘If God had a WordPress blog, he’d use Thesis’

There is absolutely no doubt that Thesis is the ultimate in WordPress themes. With Matt Cutts (a Google spokesman who specializes in SEO issues) using this theme for his blog, there is no doubt that it is the most famous and loved WordPress theme available for download.

With air-tight SEO capabilities, highly customizable options and light weight for lightening fast speeds, the Thesis theme is surely a winner. It comes with built in SEO page optimization including the option to customize post titles, meta descriptions, categories and an easy option to ‘noindex’, ‘noarchive’ or ‘nofollow’ any page just by checking the appropriate boxes. Also you can customize almost every design aspect of the theme including appearance, multimedia and fonts according to your choice.

The Thesis costs a bomb- $87 per year for the basic pack (cheap if you consider SEO plugins, designing costs etc.) and has a very plain and simple design. (Not your theme if you rely more on graphics to woo your visitors.)

thesis theme

2. Genesis Theme

Genesis framework is the superstar in Wordpess theme frameworks. Not only does it provide an SEO optimized frame, it also provides top notch security features for your blog. Hence all your blogging worries has been taken care by the Genesis theme and all that is left to do is posting quality content.

The Genesis theme is available for $59.95 and can be boon for bloggers who don’t have much programming knowledge or much time and instead would like to contribute time in writing content.

genesis framework

3. Socrates Theme

Socrates is ‘the theme’ for serious internet marketers who want SEO as well as the best site monetization for their blogs/sites. Contrary to the name (Socrates, the poor Greek philosopher), the Socrates plugin is the best monetized SEO theme available.

It has built in monetization option with ‘Adsense’ and ‘Clickbank’ which can be easily configured by adding your user ID in the appropriate place. With this theme, you can add Google Analytics just by pasting the HTML code in the space provided. It also has the option to add ‘Google AdSense’ codes in the dashboard itself where you can configure the number as well as location of Ads in each page.

A Social media sidebar is displayed by the side of your post which can be real helpful in promoting your posts through Social networks. This theme has a one-time fee of $47 and hence is quite cheap compared to Thesis theme.

socrate theme

4. Elegant Themes

With ‘Search Engine Optimization’ and a ‘great design’ baked into the same cake, the ‘Elegant themes’ tempt both the Google crawlers as well as your visitors to have a taste of your site. With many pre-designed themes to choose from, the elegant themes provide bloggers the freedom to express their site’s identity through these elegant designs.

Elegant themes are visually striking, SEO optimized and highly monetized and hence are widely used by blog and website owners. It provides you the option to choose the pages you want to show in your navigation bar, modify design, customize SEO settings and install advertisements quite easily through the ePanel.

‘Elegant themes’ is the best option for bloggers who want a visually striking site and don’t like to start from scratch. It comes with a one-time cost of $39 which is quite reasonable compared to other premium themes.

elagant themes

5. Headway Theme

The headway theme is the only WordPress theme where you can easily customize your site layout just by dragging and dropping the components that you want. This way you can easily customize your blog and select the best look and features in just a few minutes without the hassles of changing code lines. It is highly Search engine optimized and even provides an option for ‘search engine preview’ and hence can provide important information on how your posts will fare after Google listing.

The theme comes at a one-time price of $77 and can be considered as the best theme for people who won’t mind spending some time with the ‘Visual editor’ which however will speedify the process and provide with better customization in the long run.

headway theme

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