5 Inspiring Website Designs

When your website is in need of a makeover, it’s time to look around the Web for inspiration. There are many talented people out there who have come up with some truly amazing site designs. The designers behind these websites combined imagination and creativity to generate interesting layouts that put them a cut above the rest.

Mutant Labs

The website for Mutant Labs offers visitors an interactive experience from the moment they arrive. It’s hard to resist playing with the giant battery at the top of the home page, a device which draws the eye to links that lead to rest of the site’s content. A minimal blue-and-gray color scheme lets the fun elements of the site take center stage, especially on the “About” page where a bio for each individual Mutant Labs team member appears on mouse over. None of this detracts from the clear presentation of information throughout the site.


More artistic than intuitive, Lucuma’s website is an unusual feast for the eyes. The design uses black and white space to draw the eye to a central point where relevant information can be accessed. Clicking on links either causes text to appear in the white space or scrolls the center bar of the site to the left, revealing more links and artistic touches. A contact form embedded in the site makes for quick and painless inquiries.


Visitors know exactly what Tri-Win is all about the moment they arrive. Utilizing a prominent background image and sleek text layout, Tri-Win’s compact home page communicates the purpose and services of the business right up front. Contact information is plainly visible, and the use of different colors to highlight each service makes it easy for customers to find exactly what they want with few clicks.


Include is minimal style at its finest. Home page content is presented in hanging boxes against the backdrop of a rolling vista, creating a sense of three-dimensional space. All that visitors need to know about the company is contained in a series of cells in the right-hand box. Each cell opens with one click, saving time by presenting necessary information without the need to navigate to another page.

FortySeven Media

At first glance, the FortySeven Media website is similar in appearance to many blogs around the Internet. What sets it apart is the clever use of simple elements like color, font, and content layout. Block caps are balanced with soft italics in the midst of a subdued color scheme, with pictures and graphics used sparingly. Everything works together to create an equilibrium that makes visitors want to see more.

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