4 Ways to Make Your Website Help with Marketing


The internet has done great things for helping businesses excel in the world of marketing. The right approach to developing your website could help you do much more effective marketing but without a whole lot of extra effort. This is good, of course, because we all need more time in the day and could all use a little more help with business marketing! Set your website up the right way and it’ll do a lot of the marketing for you. A brochure-type site will just sit and be there for people to read but a site that focuses on marketing can make a big difference.

Here are some of the ways it can do that:

Engage Visitors via Permission Based Marketing

A great way to use your website as a marketing tool is to put an opt-in box on it that signs visitors up for future communications. You’ll need their permission, of course, but if you can get it, this is going to help you with your marketing. By signing up for newsletter software and by putting it in place for people to click and opt-in, you’ll have a better chance of turning more website visitors into customers and you’ll have a better chance of developing valuable and profitable relationships. You’ll have to come up with a statement and reason for them to agree to opt-in to hearing from you but if they do, you’ll open up a world of sales opportunities that happen via email marketing.

Capitalise on RSS Feeds

RSS fees allow people to subscribe to a site’s updates. If you author an interesting, entertaining, and / or informative business blog and tell people to subscribe to it, they’ll get notified of updates. This is another way to foster a relationship and get people repeatedly visiting your website.

Add Social Media Widgets

Social media marketing isn’t easy to measure in terms of ROI but it can be a highly effective marketing method. Finding followers / friends is important and your website can help you direct traffic to your social media accounts. Small widgets can be placed on your site to help people connect with your social accounts.

Marketing doesn’t just have to happen when people land on your site. Through engaging prospects and customers on social marketing sites, you’ll have many opportunities to strengthen your bond with clients and to foster new relationships, too. The small act of placing little Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn banners on your site could do great things for your ability to build relationships with potential customers.

Read Your Traffic Statistics

Another element of your site that can do great things for your marketing is your traffic statistics. This is in the background, of course, rather than something that sits on your site to engage clients. The statistics of your site tell you how your site is doing at search engine optimization, at traffic generation, and at marketing and conversion of visitors to customers. Use this invaluable data gathering tool to continually refine your marketing strategies.

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