4 Reasons to Learn HTML

Learn html

The first thing that you will need to learn is that HTML stands for Hyper grew Text Markup Language. It is a programming language that helps you to look at Web pages on the Internet and, without it, any text we view when browsing would look very commonplace and dull. When HTML was created, it opened up a new world of possibilities especially in the creation of Web pages. In the early stages of the Internet, when there was no HTML available, you had to use your imagination and the very limited capabilities of a text editor like Notepad. There were no HTML editors available and even when they became available, they were cumbersome to use because the HTML code had to be entered from scratch. Nowadays, there are a number of editors such as Front Page and Dreamweaver that are available boasting of a number of advanced features.

However, one major reason for learning HTML is that there is no such thing as the perfect HTML editor and the available programmes may not be able to deliver exactly what you want. They can be annoying to use at times because they can add codes that are not necessary and sometimes even crash your computer system. If you do not get what you are after, there are only two things that you can do. You can find another person who is an expert on HTML to fix the coding and hope that you do not have to spend too much. The other alternative is to learn HTML yourself.

The second reason to learn HTML is that it is the easiest programming language that you can learn and you should not feel intimidated at the prospect of creating your own website. Once you have learnt a few basics, if you can create a document that is well formatted in any word processing application, you can most certainly create an HTML document.

Another compelling reason for learning HTML is that you would find an abundance of resources on the Internet in the form of quality online tutorials and, what is more, the majority of them are free. And even if you’re creating a fairly simple and straightforward website to share your knowledge or your interest, the Web is the greatest information resource in history and you can be a part of it.

There is not a great deal to learn that you want to use HTML and, other than the tags for structure such as HEAD and BODY, you can build a complete webpage with a knowledge of only seven tags namely DIV, P, A, IMG, UL, OL and LI. Once you have acquired a knowledge of HTML, you will find it far easier to progress to more advanced programming languages such as CSS, XHTML and XML.

When create a Web site from scratch, you would find that the experience is well worth it and the jury and pride of creating your own website is well worth the investment that you make in learning HTML. The first page that you create will probably not be particularly attractive but that is fine because the achievement is in starting in a small way with the creation of your own website. You are definitely bound to improve over time and this means that you can create good-looking Web sites for yourself while refurbishing the Web sites created by other people you know.

Once you have learned the ins and outs of HTML, it opens up a whole new world of opportunities. In order to make sure that you take full advantage of new job offers, get you know your future employer by using the best background check service.

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