20 Awesome Fashion Based Vectors

There was a time when fashion was considered as the prerogative of the ladies. However nowadays more and more gentlemen are becoming conscious of their looks. The number of emerging men’s gyms and style magazines and blogs is proof of this fact.

Just do a Google search on any fashion related topic and you will find thousands of articles on it and a lot of websites about fashion.

Fashion is not merely about looking better. If you are well dressed then that emits the signal that you care about yourself, you want to be presentable and you are a man who gives attention to details.

Below we present you with 20 beautiful fashion based vector designs.

1) High heel fashion

High heel fashion

This collection of vectors consists of high heel sandals and shoes for the ladies. Fashion experts say there are many ways you can look taller than what you actually are. The methods include wearing vertical striped dresses so that it will cause an illusion on the eye, matching your socks with your pants so that they will look like they have blended in together and will give you an elongated leg, etc.

But the said methods make you appear taller, but with high heels you will actually elongate your height.

2) Shopping vector

Shopping vector

This vector graphic consists of two girls carrying shopping bags. It seems the girls went to a mall and shopped for a lot of things and are returning home carrying the items they bought there.

This graphic can be used on any shopping related posters or for mall banners or things related to that.

3) Fashion accessories

Fashion accessories

This graphic consists of some fashion accessories. You see the core items of clothing like jeans, T shirts, shirts, coats, tops, etc. are called simply as clothes.

But the other smaller items that a person wears are called accessories. The examples of accessories are belts, wrist watches, sunglasses, pocket squares, bracelets, etc. Though they are small they are an important piece of the fashion puzzle.

This graphic above displays some important fashion based accessories.

4) Jeans texture

Jeans texture

Textures are ideal to be used as backgrounds. If you are designing the background of a fashion based website or designing the business card of a fashion related company you may find this texture useful.

As the image above shows this texture is jeans based. It displays the grains, the details of the fabric very clearly.

5) Floral frame

Floral frame

If you are working for a fashion related project you have to conform to a fashion and trendy theme throughout. So if you want to write something and hang it on the wall of a clothes store for example, or if you want some important message to be displayed to the site visitors, you can do that in style by writing them down in this fancy floral frame.

6) Kingly frame

Kingly frame

If the frame above does not suit your style then here I present you with another one. This frame is ideal for smaller text messages such as quotations.

The crown above the frame with two ribbons on the side give it a kingly and majestic charm.

7) Men’s blank T shirt

Men’s blank T shirt

This is a vector for men’s blank T shirt. Any designer having even a working knowledge of Photoshop can easily change the color of the T shirt from yellow to anything you want.

Similarly you can ask him to insert your logo or text on it. Thus you can make the T shirt truly your own by following these tricks.

8) Flat watch

Flat watch

There are some people who suggest that wearing a watch nowadays is useless because one can tell the time from one’s phone. Fashionable people never understand this argument because they say there are many things which are useless but still are important for dressing properly. Examples include tie, bracelet, pocket square, belt, etc.

Wrist watch is an important piece of fashion accessory and if you need one in your design, you can download this vector.

9) Silhouette fashion men

Silhouette fashion men

Fashion magazines and blogs usually keep publishing graphics such as these every now and then. Hence if you download and save this piece of vector graphic you can use it in several projects sometime in the future.

This graphic shows the silhouette of men in different postures and different clothes.

10) Sports shoe

Sports shoe

This is a vector graphic of a sports shoe.

Spend some time on the fashion blogs and you will find that a lot of articles would be devoted on shoes. In fact a headline which always makes its way to fashion blogs is “Five Pair of Shoes Every Man should own.”

11) Glasses frames set

Glasses frames set

Who said fashion is only about high heels and Levi’s jeans? Whatever you wear has a fashionable way attached to it. Including sunglasses and eyesight glasses.

Fashion magazines will tell you that you should choose the frame of a glass according to your face type.
Anyways, these frames will help you enhance your glass based designs.

12) Luggage bags silhouettes

Luggage bags silhouettes

Well fashion is not restricted even to glasses. The luggage you carry must too be carried in style.

Again talk to any fashion forward person and he will tell you if you are carrying a leather bag, it should match the color of your leather belt and leather shoes.

13) Men’s T shirt

Men’s T shirt

I have given you a vector graphic of men’s T shirt above. But that vector contained only the image of the T shirt from the front. Also that was a close-up. In case you want a different look and you want the T shirt to be displayed from both back and front, use this graphic.

14) Formal jackets

Formal jackets

Visit a restaurant of reputable standing in your town in which nobody knows you. Wear a T shirt and a jeans.
Then visit the same place after a few days wearing a well fitted suit.

You will notice that in your second visit – the waiters, the bartenders, the manager – everybody will treat you with more respect than what they did in your first visit.

A suit is a necessity for a gentleman’s wardrobe. This graphic provides you with some suit based vectors.

15) Fashion icons


I have given you images of T shirts, high heels, models but I have not yet given you any fashion based icons. So I do that here.

This set of icons contain different fashion items on them.

16) Retro sneakers


In case you don’t know there is a difference between a sports shoe and a sneaker. I have already given you a graphic of sports shoe above. This is a sneaker.

A sports shoe is worn for sports and to the gym while a sneaker is a casual shoe which is supposed to be worn with jeans, khakis or chinos.

17) T shirt mock ups

T shirt mock ups

This vector graphic consists of a large collection of T shirts which can be worn by both men and women. As you can see this is a very wide and a very large collection of items.

18) Eiffel tower vector

Eiffel tower vector

Paris is considered as one of the most fashion conscious cities in the world. This vector consists of a ribbon wrapped across Paris’s main attraction – the Eiffel tower.

19) Dolce and Gabbana

Dolce and Gabbana

Dolce and Gabbana is one of the favorite brands of fashion enthusiasts. This vector is a very beautiful graphic of the Dolce and Gabbana text.

20) Shopping paper bag

Shopping paper bag

This vector is of a paper shopping bag. This is a typical bag which you will find in fashion stores. The shadows give it a more realistic look and give the illusion of depth.

I hope you found this collection of 20 fashion related vector graphics useful. Do let me know in the comments below what you think about this article.

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