10 Best Star Rating Plugins For WordPress

Feedback from visitors can be a crucial factor in developing your blog. With honest feedback from the visitors, you can easily know if your post is maintaining the standard your visitors expect to read from a blog or not. In this context, the star ratings can be quite helpful where visitors can easily rate your posts and provide you with the valuable feedback. Let us check some plugins available for WordPress which provide the option for your visitors to rate your WordPress blog.

My Review Plugin


My Review plugin is the best star rating plugins for WordPress. It is especially useful if you have a Review site (Book review, movie review etc.) and provides the option insert the Star ratings anywhere in your site. Instead of reviews for the post, you can customize the ratings based on multiple criteria. For instance you have a page on laptop and want reviews on the specific model. You can provide various criteria like Price, Performance, Looks or any other field as per your preference. The plugin will cost you $90 for a single site license with lifetime free update and support.

Post Ratings Plugin

The WP-PostRatings is an Ajax based plugin through which you can easily add stars or other images to your posts so that your visitors can easily rate the post. You can choose from a wide variety of images for the ratings instead of just using the default star like- circles, bars, numbers etc. The PostRatings is available for FREE and is one of the basic review plugins you can use for your blog.

Simple Karma Plugin

Simple Karma is a widget which allows the visitors to rate the post which will either make the post rank go high or low. An example could be the YouTube video comments which can be rated high or low and accordingly makes it show at the highest position in the page or go down.

GD Star Ratings Plugin


GD Star Ratings is one of the best FREE star rating plugins for WordPress. With the option to use single, multi or even thumbs up/down ratings it provides you whole lot of features. It has a classy and professional look and also provides you the option to add widgets in the sidebars of the post to display the top rating or other statistics.

Simple Star Rating Plugin

It is an AJAX based, simple rating plugin. You can easily customize the number, shape, colour and size of the stars with a slider provided at your dashboard. The plugin makes sure that there is one and only one vote from a particular I.P. address. It is however not free and is available at a one-time cost of $17.

Poll Daddy Polls and Ratings Plugin


Poll daddy can come handy if you want a star review as well as a poll feature in your site. It combines both the features and allows you to embed star ratings in your posts, comments and other pages. It also provides a widget by the sidebar which displays top rated comments, posts etc.

Xavin’s Review Rating Plugin

With this plugin you can use from 2 to 100 stars for rating. Also you can show the results in terms of fraction (2/5) or percentage (40%). You can also select the image for rating from a wide range of options.

Rate This Page Plugin


You must have seen these type of plugins in Wikipedia, Wikihow etc. It provides a star review option on the page with the option to rate the post on various parameters like- trustworthy, original, helpfulness etc. Can be really helpful to find out good writers if you employ many writers.

Mombly Review Rating Plugin

The Mombly Review rating plugin provides you the option to use five star ratings for your pages. You can also use your own pictures instead of the stars. It supports both text and image display for ratings.

Kk star Ratings Plugin


It is a basic star rating plugin for WordPress. It displays a five star rating option in your page anywhere you want. Also you get an optional sidebar which will display the highest rated posts.

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